Andy Reaches France

  • By David Hammond

Andy Reaches France

With the heat wave taking place in the UK Andy hit a few snags with the delays at the ports as the good old British Rail went into melt down and everyone diverting to the ports for a ferry crossing instead.

Any way he's got away and is now currently in France to make the start of his deliveries as then progressing onto Spain and Mallorca.

We do have one small cancellation on board as a customer couldn't accept the delays at the port ( unfortunately we don't captain the Ferries ) and has decided she can't be at home to take delivery on the weekend.

This is very frustrating for us as we do travel thousands of miles to deliver goods and these type of things as above will happen from time to time and to be told we are making it up is very disappointing, oh well I guess we will never please everybody but we do urge customers to advise early if they can't take delivery as it takes up valuable space on the delivery van that could see another order loaded.

Our drivers can't deliver if your not at home and please consider the mileage and distances they cover.

So if you want some nice oak chests Andy has a couple onboard spare, just ask him to show you when he arrives.


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