Mattresses Delivered In France

  • By David Hammond

Mattresses Delivered In France

When looking for that perfect mattress in France or other parts of Europe there is nothing finer than the Natural Platinum 5500 luxury Mattress.

We have just delivered our 200th mattress yesterday for 2019 for this luxury mattress. 

So what makes this mattress so special and luxurious?

Ok firstly he has a huge amount of individual pocket springs, 5500 of them!

These are spread over two layers inside the mattress creating tremendous support and that luxury feel. The mattress is also manufactured from 100% Natural fibres such as lambs wool from Yorkshire avoiding all synthetic materials such as latex and foam. This also allows the mattress to breath well to ensure a lovely cool nights sleep as well as creating a quality mattress.

Further more the 5500 model is made with a fitted quilt on top of the mattress to add the final jigsaw to the luxury feel.

Our customers in France & Spain simply rave about this mattress and say how its the best nights sleep they have ever had.

We are so confident all customers will feel the same in France and Spain that we offer a 100 night trial on this mattress. If you don't agree we will come and collect it and donate it to charity.

You can purchase the mattress on its own here  or you can select the full divan bed option here  the bed comes in a wide choice of colour options too and matching headboards can also be supplied.

Getting a good nights sleep is so important and that's exactly what this mattress delivers each and every night with is fantastic build qualities and tremendous amount of 5500 individual pocket springs.

We deliver this mattress to any area of France. We deliver this mattress also to other parts of Europe too, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Germany, Austria to name a few.

This mattress is delivered by our own delivery team ensuring its safety in transit to you in France or other parts of Europe.

It's simply the best mattress available in France.

It's also simply the best mattress delivered across Europe and it comes at very affordable pricing considering its quality build starting at just £999.

If you want a quality mattress in France or the rest of Europe you won't find a better mattress than our Natural 5500 Platinum model.

Just look at he picture below to see the quality of the 200th natural 5500 mattress delivered in France yesterday in 2019.


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