As a bed company that has been selling quality beds and mattresses for many years, we fully understand that our customers would prefer to "try a mattress" before purchasing it. Unfortunately that's not possible via a website, whilst at the same time due to the distances involved between our customers locations across Spain, France & Portugal it's not possible to open showrooms in all of these countries.

At the same time even in a showroom you can't spend the whole evening sleeping on a mattress, which is what we would consider the absolute minimum time to initially test a mattress. A 10-30 minute lie on a mattress in a showroom will never be sufficient. For you to know how your mattress will perform and feel each night you quite simply need to sleep on it.

Also as a bed company we understand fully that when you are purchasing a top of the range bed/mattress that there will be some doubt in your mind as to how comfortable your new bed/mattress will be, as you haven't slept or tried the mattress prior to purchase. We know this of course having sold thousands of quality beds over the years and from having conversations with our customers.

We also know from our records that every single customer who has taken the plunge and purchased one of our luxury 100% Natural Collection bed/mattress' have been delighted, especially with the comfort and quality. Expressing it's the best bed/mattress they have ever slept on (read our bed reviews) and what outstanding value they represent compared to other previously tried brands.

For the above reasons we would like to offer you a


in your home, with the guarantee that if you are not delighted with your new bed/mattress we will come and collect them from you for a small return fee of £199. This covers the cost of sending our driver back to make a collection and for refunding the balance. 


Possibly you haven't read up on our pure luxury 100% Natural Collection, if not here is a link taking you to the page that tells you all about how the mattresses are manufactured from all Natural fibres, and an amazing amount of individual pocket springs, up to 5500 of them.

Here are the models the 100 night guarantee applies to with links below

Click here to take you to our full product information page.

Click here for the Platinum 100% Natural 5500 individual pocket sprung mattress.

Click here for the Gold 100% Natural 3500 individual pocket sprung mattress.

Click here for the Silver 100% Natural 2000 individual pocket sprung mattress.

Click here for the Bronze 100% Natural Bronze individual 1500 pocket sprung mattress.

Click here for the 100% Natural Royal Crown 3000 individual pocket sprung mattress.

Click here for the 100% Natural Royal Crown 2000 individual pocket sprung mattress.

Click here for the 100% Natural Royal Crown 1000 individual pocket sprung mattress.


A. We send our 100% Natural Bed to your home and give you up to 100 nights to decide if it's right for you.

There’s no need to keep it under plastic - just sleep as you normally would. Maybe a little better. There’s no need to hold on to the packaging for the length of your trial.

B. The 100 night trial offer is only available to public consumers based in France, Portugal or Spain. It is not available to any commercial activity such as Hotels, Bed And Breakfasts and Guest Houses.

We reserve the right to refuse the 100 night trial to anyone not operating as a consumer or who is otherwise in breach of these terms. The 100 day trial is intended to give you the opportunity to see if you are happy with the mattress and therefore we ask for feedback on why you have returned a mattress as part of any return. If we have grounds to believe that you are returning the mattress for reasons other than because you are genuinely dissatisfied with the product we reserve the right to refuse to accept the return, not give you a refund and reserve the right to refuse to sell our products to you in the future, either through our website site or otherwise. Please note that this does not affect your legal rights as a consumer,

C. In the unlikely event you wish to return your bed/mattress from the 100% Natural Collection, simply contact us and we will arrange the next available driver in your area to collect and take it away. On collection the refund will be processed back to your payment card less the £199 return fee.

D. The 100 night trial offer only applies to the 100% Natural collection either by way of full Divan Bed Or Mattress.

We hope you join our customers all over Europe and experience the perfect nights sleep each and every night, by taking up our 100 night trial offer, so that you can experience for yourself the ultimate luxury of the Natural Collection.

You can view customers beds on delivery all across Europe. Photos taken by our drivers. Click here to view.

You can follow our drivers here and see even more products being delivered.