Everything You Need To Know Answered When Purchasing A Bed For France, Spain, Portugal And Other European Countries.

We at Luxury British Beds know that when visiting a website full of so many available products you can easily miss certain points/pages, leaving you with questions.

Over the years having answered I think nearly every question possible either on the phone or over our chat lines, I thought I would take the time to write it all down, so that everyone can have a clear understanding of all points, as well as direction by way of direct links to the sections on the website that can be missed because we have so much detail. At the same time mattress and bed manufacturing has so much jargon as many models are made differently, because of this it needs greater explanation.

To start, we are as in our name a Luxury British Bed Supplier. We supply our products across both the UK and many other countries in Europe.

All our beds are manufactured in the UK. Our mission is to supply you with a luxury, quality bed to ensure you have the perfect night 's sleep each and every night. 

Countries We Deliver To.

United Kingdom 


Spain ( Including Islands)

Portugal ( Including Maderia) 














In relation to delivery charges which start at just £99 these can be found  here 

If you wish to follow our delivery vans, click  here   This is updated on a daily/regular basis.

Beds and mattress sizes 

We supply both UK and European standard sizes.

Here are all the sizes available in both options.

We also offer a made to measure service on our mattresses. The surcharge for this is 25% of the cost of the mattress selected.

We also manufacture and supply mattresses for Yachts and boats.

For European sizes please go here for mattresses, and here for full beds.

Zip & Link 

Many customer like their beds zip & linked. A zip & link mattress/bed can be performed on any of our divan beds.

A multi-functional bed. This bed/mattress is where you can zip two single beds together to create a larger bed, and unzip to put back to two singles.

To order a zip and link bed all you need to do is as follows:

1. Select 2 x single beds or mattresses into your shopping basket. You have a choice of 2 x 2'6 beds/mattresses or 2 x 3 ft beds/mattresses depending on which size you require, i.e. King size when joined or Super King.

2. In the comments box at the checkout stage, please state that you wish the beds to be zip and linked.

3. When you order is received we will send you a manual invoice for the zip and link charge of £100 to which you can pay online.

Here  you can view the zip and link section on the website as well as view a zip and link bed which you may find helpful.

Different Types Of Beds & Mattresses.

As you can see on our website we have a huge variety of choices and models.

A. Divan Beds

A divan bed comes complete with bed and mattress. We have a huge choice of many different models. Each collection is listed in the left hand panel on our website.

B. Oak Frame beds

These will require a mattress. Oak frame beds can be viewed here 

C.Lavish Fabric frame beds

These will require a mattress. Fabric beds can be viewed here  

D. Precious Metal bed frames

These will require a mattress, these can be viewed here  

E. Sofa beds

These can be viewed here 

F. Mattresses only 

You maybe just looking for a mattress rather than a full bed. If so here are the mattress only sections. Here  for all UK sized mattresses and here  for European size and UK sized mattresses.

Different types of mattresses

Today there are many different types of mattresses available, which for the consumer can be confusing. Listed below are the different types of mattresses available, followed by an explanation on each. 

Firstly here are the different types of mattresses.

A. Natural fillings & Pocket Sprung 

B. Memory Foam & Pocket Sprung

C. Encapsulated  Pocket Sprung.

D. Traditional Pocket Sprung.

E. Pillow Top Pocket Sprung.

F. Open Coil.

Below is an explanation on how the different models available are manufactured. To the naked eye a mattress looks like a mattress, but it's what is inside a mattress that counts and makes all the difference.

Natural Fillings Pocket Sprung.

Firstly the pocket spring system is the finest you can get inside a mattress, as it is made up of individual pocket springs that act individually to the contours  of your body as you lie upon the mattress.

This is how they look inside a pocket sprung mattress.

Each individual pocket spring is aligned within the mattress and each spring will react on an individual basis as you can see below.

You can see how each individual pocket spring reacts to the body, ensuring a perfect nights sleep. This will give outstanding comfort, as each spring supports each part of the body.

Now just as important are the fillings surrounding the pocket springs.

With a 100% natural filled mattress, Yorkshire lambs wool sits on top and below the pockets springs creating pure comfort. The lambs wool has many more features.

Wool ensures that moisture is regulated and prevents the development of fungal spores in your bed. Wool gives better quality sleep, with its unique combination of heat and moisture regulation and hypoallergenic qualities, wool helps you to get more deep, regenerative sleep.

Now with our most luxurious beds/mattresses know as the Platinum Natural mattress and the Gold Natural 3500 mattress, these actually have 2 layers of individual pocket springs, separated by a Yorkshire lambs wool top, middle and bottom.

Here you can find a full explanation of the luxury 100% Natural collection

Here  you can view the complete natural collection, with a choice from 1000 right through to 6000 individual pocket springs.

If you are looking for a luxurious perfect night's sleep then you can't go wrong with the 100% natural collection.

Memory Foam With Pocket Spring Combination

Combination mattresses provide the best of both worlds for those that like memory foam. Bringing together traditional craftsmanship with innovative mattress technology. They provide the traditional support and comfort of springs, with the added benefit of a pressure relieving top layer to give you optimum ease throughout the night and help you get a good night's rest.

These combinations can be found within our listed pocket spring beds here

Please note, memory foam can be a warmer material and we don't advise for countries with warmer climates.

Encapsulated Pocket Sprung.

Using a pocket spring system with a foam box/border.

Quite simply it is a ‘box’ of high-density foam that contains the pocket springs. The usual construction is:

  • One inch deep base sheet of foam
  • The sides are usually 75 mm wide, glued to the base to form an open box
  • The pocket springs are inserted
  • The comfort layer is then added, which is latex
  • The mattress is then covered
  • So you have a foam box filled with pocket springs, a latex top and then your covering.

the overriding differences of having this type of construction is based on the fact that unlike normal pocket spring units that have a steel perimeter banding, an encapsulated pocket sprung unit has no perimeter banding surrounding the pocket springs, hence making it relatively flexible.

Having a high-density foam perimeter inside the mattress goes a long way to aid full edge to edge support. By their very nature pocket springs are flexible and so some people may find sleeping on the edge of [a traditional PS mattress]  gives them a ‘rolling off’ sensation. This is particularly true if you use a pocket sprung mattress for the first time after being used to an open coil system. Traditional top end pocket sprung mattresses like our Natural collection use hand side stitching as edge support.

Here you can view our encapsulated divan beds.

Traditional Pocket Sprung Beds

Above we have covered how the pocket spring system works. The full benefits being they are one of the most popular types of mattress - and for good reason. Read on to find out what pocket sprung mattresses are, how they work and how you could benefit from one.

No transfer of movement

Each pocket spring reacts separately to pressure applied, supporting body weight individually, rather than spreading body weight across the surface of the mattress. This helps to reduce the feeling of rolling into your partner and so promotes a more restful night's sleep.
Consistent firmness
Each individual pocket spring is enclosed within its own cloth sleeve. This gives it a consistent tension, creating an even level of firmness across the whole of the mattress.
Total body support
Pocket sprung mattresses are considered a more premium type of sprung mattress, since they are renowned to provide consistent, total body support. Our range of pocket sprung mattresses are available in a wide range of pocket spring counts and firmness ratings, so you can choose the ideal level of support you need.
A traditional pocket sprung mattress sees the individual pocket springs sandwiched between 2 layers (top and bottom) of Natural latex and then covered.
Here you can view our traditional pocket sprung beds .
Here our pocket sprung plus bed collection.
Pillow Top Pocket Sprung Beds 
With a quality pocket sprung bed you can also have it fitted with a luxury pillow top for added comfort, the pillow top is also filled with micro pocket springs.
Pillow tops add comfort on the top layer, with the full support of the individual pocket springs below.
Here  you can find our pocket sprung pillow top collection.
Open Coil Beds/Mattresses

Open coil (also known as Miracoil, Continuous coil, Standard coil e.t.c) are the most common types of mattresses. These consist of a inter-connected spring system. They are the traditional manufacturing method for mattresses, capable of being mass produced, with a low production cost. This makes them one of the cheapest on the market. A standard double open coil mattress will contain an average of 300 springs.

Manufactures and retailers will often refer to the ‘gauge’ of the mattress– which indicates the thickness of the wire used for the springs. The lower the number, the thicker the gauge, which typically creates a firmer mattress. A 12 gauge mattress will be very firm and provide plenty of support, but if you’re looking for something a little softer go for a 13.5 gauge which still offers plenty of support.

A high gauge rod edge is very important in open coiled mattresses, as it extends the sleeping surface and and helps the mattress to retain its shape, reducing side sag.

There are a number of pros and cons with open coil mattresses, which vary in importance depending on what you’re looking for.

Pros: Open coils provide excellent support and are used for most orthopedic mattresses due to their firmness. They tend to have more ‘give’ than pocket sprung mattresses, making them lighter and therefore easier to turn.  Investing in an open coil mattress with an in-built memory foam topper will give a superior level of extra comfort.

Cons: Not as robust as other mattresses and can be known to ‘dip’ in the middle after prolonged use. Open coiled bedding can also lead to the ‘roll-together’ feeling for couples, and you can feel the movement of your partner.

These are great mattresses for children, lasting between 3-5 years before needing to be replaced, or for that guest/spare room when on a budget.

Having supplied beds/mattresses for over 30 years, we always recommend a pocket sprung bed/mattress as they are far superior in comfort and quality and will last at least 10 years.

Here are some interesting videos we have found on the internet that explain the differences.

Here the difference between Pocket Spring and Memory foam 

Here the difference between Pocket Spring And Open Coil

Whilst we didn't make these videos, they do explain the differences clearly and are interesting to watch.

Let's now go to the many questions we get asked on a daily basis. This section may help answer questions you may have.

Q1. What is the most luxurious bed/mattress that you offer?

A1. The answer to that is the Natural 5500,  Click here  for the full divan bed and click here  for the mattress on its own without the bed base.

This bed/mattress has a whopping 5500 individual pocket springs giving you maximum support. The mattress is manufactured from 100% natural fibres such as Yorkshire lambs wool. The mattress has 2 layers of individual pocket springs. The bottom, top and middle are separated by wool, creating 3 layers. The mattress has hand stitched borders and is tufted too. On top of this the mattress comes with a luxury fitted pillow top, also filled with micro pocket springs and wool.

This  luxury bed/mattress is our largest selling mattress and obtains fantastic reviews each and every time. It also comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Q2. I suffer with back pain, what's the best mattress/bed for me?

A2. Pocket Sprung, pocket sprung beds give your back maximum support. The more pocket springs the more support. Each pocket spring working individually to support your body. 

Just a tip, in the bed industry the word orthopedic is used loosely. It stems from the old days of open coil mattresses, where tensions in an open coil mattress were made firmer/tighter.

Q3. I'm looking for a good quality mattress/bed but it's for a guest room that's only used on rare occasions, but I want my guests to have a good nights sleep when they visit?

A3. There's no point in purchasing top of the range when it's only for the occasional guest, although you don't want them waking from a bad night's sleep.

In our opinion you should look at the Royal Crown 1000 natural model.

Here  is the full divan bed and here is the mattress on its own.

This mattress/bed is again manufactured from 100% natural fibres and has 1000 individual pocket springs with a good depth of 30 CM. 

We also offer it in 2000, 3000 models as well if you wish for extra pocket spring, but for a guest/spare room the 1000 model is perfect.It will give your guests a great night's comfortable sleep, remember the average pocket sprung bed on the market have between 1000 to 1200 pocket springs. To give you a good example of a 1000 model, a mattress in a Premier Inn well renowned for a stay over and good night's sleep has 1000.

Q4. Whilst I love the look of the Platinum 5500 Mattress/bed it's just a little out of my budget for what I was looking to spend, what would you recommend?

A4. We would recommend two different options, firstly we have the gold model, it has 3500 pocket springs instead of 5500, still spread over 2 layers and still comes with the luxury fitted pillow top, the only difference being the amount of pocket springs in the mattress itself. 3500 is still a great amount.

Here for mattress alone and here for full bed

The other option is the Natural Royal Crown 3000 pocket spring. It's manufactured with all the natural fibres and fillings without the fitted pillow top.

Here is the full bed and here is the mattress alone.

We have other models too and the full natural collection can be found here The natural collection ranges from 1000 to 6000 pocket spring.

The Bronze model is also very popular.

Q5.  I run a B&B business and I don't really want to pay too much.Guests normally only stay one night but I want them to be comfortable. What bed/mattress would you recommend for that?

A5. That's quite a common question. Our best option bed/mattress for this purpose would be this model 

Here  for full bed. Here for mattress alone.

This model has 1000 pocket springs as well as a comfortable pillow top, which will ensure good support and a comfortable stay over for your guests.

Q6. I like a really hard/firm bed as hard as possible as I find I sleep better that way.

A6. Click  here for full bed. This has 2000 individual pocket springs and is manufactured to a firmer spec. It's a very firm/hard bed. Here for mattress only 

Q7. I've never bought a bed/mattress online before what if I don't like it?

A7. We understand your concerns. There are many advantages to purchasing online. Firstly as we deliver direct from the factory to your home, it assists in keeping down the overheads, resulting in us being able to offer better pricing.

Truth be told, when you visit a showroom to try a mattresses you are never going to be able to experience a whole night's sleep on it. To feel the full benefits and comfort of your mattress you need to be able to sleep on it. Sitting or lying on it for a few minutes won't teach you anything about the mattress or its comfort.

Whilst we understand the thought process, to give assurance we do offer a 100 night trial on the Natural collection. If after our 100 night trial you aren't happy with your mattress, then we will come and collect it and refund you. Full details here 

Choosing a mattress/bed online is actually very simple, if you look at the mechanics of what's inside the mattress.

Q8. Do you take away our old bed?

A8. We can do yes, you need to book premium delivery at checkout and in the comments box please request old bed taken away, premium delivery also sees our driver unpack your new bed, assemble it and take away all the heavy duty packaging.

Q9. Why are British beds the best?

A9. Britain has been the home of bed making for centuries, mainly in the Yorkshire regions, and that is why it sees British beds shipped worldwide. Traditional makers making hand made beds can never be beaten. All our beds are handmade by craftsman using traditional techniques acquired from years of experience.

Q10. What’s the best bed for storage?

Your best bet is to take a look at our Ottoman beds here  They provide you with a great space underneath your bed for storage. Ottoman beds lift so you can utilize all the space available under your bed.

They are great for smaller bedrooms and guest bedrooms, as they allow you to fully maximize the space you have available to you.

Divan bed bases all come with  nice deep drawer options.

If you have any questions whilst visiting our website, we are available on our live chat feature, email and telephone. Please do not hesitate in contacting us.

To view all the collections and offers please scroll down the left hand panel.

We look forward to assisting you further at anytime and hopefully finding you your perfect night's sleep.