Pocket Sprung Beds France

As we deliver across France our beds and mattresses, the most common question asked before purchase is what is a pocket spring?

It's a fair question because whilst everyone knows mattresses have springs there is a vast difference between individual pocket springs and open coil springs!

The advantages of the individual pocket spring is that each spring reacts differently to your body position giving you the finest support. It also ensures a non roll in the bed too.

Of course looking at a manufactured mattress you can't see whats actually going on so hopefully these pictures give you a better insight.

As you can see each individual pocket spring reacts differently to each position of the body ensuring the perfect comfort each and every sleep.

Now these are full individual pocket springs that should not get confused with mini pocket springs!  If a retailer claims more than 6000 pocket springs they will be mini springs as you can't fit more than 6000 into a mattress of full pocket springs. A Quality pocket spring mattress should never be vacuum packed and rolled up, if it is it most certainly is not a proper pocket sprung mattress.

The average mattress has 1000 individual pocket springs but of course the more the better, we offer from 1000 right through to 6000 options.

So which are the finest models?

Thats always the next question! 

Firstly a quality pocket sprung bed should have a minimum of 1000 individual pocket springs, anything less doesn't cover enough support for the body weight.

We offer from 1000 to 6000 choices and our largest selling pocket sprung bed/mattress to France is the Platinum 100% Natural Fibre 5500 model, which can be viewed here 

This mattress is manufactured firstly from 100% natural fibres avoiding synthetic materials such as latex and foam, the mattress has 2 layers of individual pocket springs in total a whopping 5500 of them, these are surrounded and layered in between of Yorkshire lambs wool. Finally the mattress has a luxury fitted pillow top too for the extra further comfort.

We also supply a 3500 model in the same way just slightly less individual pocket springs with 3500 of them which is still a huge amount. Here  you can find the 3500 model.

The natural collection we really do recommend to customers in France especially in parts of France with warm climates as the natural fibres allow the mattress to breath easily and ensure a cool nights sleep.

Apart from the 2 top sellers above we offer a complete choice in the natural collection here  covering all budgets and options for a great nights sleep in France .

Here is an interesting article explaining totally the pure luxury of a natural bed/ mattress