Zip And Link Beds


If you have been looking for a new bed or mattress lately, you may have come across the term Zip and Link but aren’t exactly sure what they are. This may be especially true if you have been looking at super king size beds or mattresses. In this bite size bed guide, we are going to explain what they are and why they can be ideal for certain situations, so what are zip and link beds?

Zip and link mattresses are constructed by using a zip that runs along the edge of each mattress. This zip enables you to zip them together or separate them as you wish.

What is the advantage of having a zip and link?

Zip and link beds allow you to connect two halves of one bed together to form a larger bed. They are ideal if you need two single beds on some occasions but a large bed on others. Alternatively, you may need a large bed most of the time, and two singles only on occasion. In this case, you can simply unzip the beds and have two singles in your room. This basically means you can have two single beds in your room or one large bed as and when you need it.

What other advantages do zip and link mattresses have?

Zip and Link mattresses can also help with your sleep quality. This is due to the mattresses actually being two separate pieces.  As each side of the mattress has less effect on each other, movement transfer from sleepers can be dramatically reduced. This is great if you or your partner are restless sleepers.

A final advantage you may gain from having a zip and link mattress and bed is the increase of its lifespan. This is especially true for a super kingsize bed. This is due to the construction of the mattress. As the center of your bed is actually two inside walls of each mattress, your zip and link mattress will be much more robust. This can reduce problems that can occur with some super kingsize beds such as a bump running down the middle.

As mentioned, zip and link mattress are generally available as a king size consisting of two beds measuring 75 cm x 200 cm or a Super King size consisting of two beds measuring 90 cm x 200 cm.

All our beds and mattresses can be manufactured to a zip and link model for the cost of just £100 in total. 

To order a zip and link simply select your king size or super king size bed and then when you are at the checkout stage you will see a comments box, please enter into that box that your require a Zip and Link mattress along with your fabric choice.

After we have received your order, we will then send you an invoice for the £100 charge for Zip and link the bed.

Heres an example of a zip and link bed